Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Love Unscripted & Love Unrehearsed By Tina Reber

              When I first started loving Indie books, I really can't remember how I came across this books by Tina Reber, must have been faith if you ask me. At first I actually thought it was too corny or maybe to pervy but it was actually very much memorable for me. I was actually just very curious with the characters of Ryan and Taryn. Ryan was an Actor and Tary just the average business woman afraid to love. I read some of the reviews in Goodreads and maybe its just of the differences of the likes and dislikes but I actually enjoyed the book. It didn't matter if it was kind of long, I just couldn't wait to see what happened.

Photo By Tina Reber
             In Love Unscripted, the most memorable for me was the first meeting. I feel for Taryn, the lead female of how she felt and how she guarded herself from love and all but what fascinated me was the spunk of the character, made me think I'd love to be as smart and business minded as her. The first meeting was actually filled with "kilig" (ok so I'm just weird and hopeless romantic!) but it was refreshing really and I love every bit of it. A memorable character for me too was the close friends of Taryn especially the best friend Marie. I also like the bit where the cast (Ryan and company) frequented Mitchell's-- the bar of Trayn, and the two leads would just to small sweet things (swoon!). It's basically telling us that Love is not easy and that for something to work you would have to sacrifice not for your happiness but for others, for the ones you love. I practically ate all that sh** up! hahaha. Nevertheless, I thoroughly                                                       enjoyed the story even if it was a whirlwind romance!

Photo By Tina Reber
Love unrehearsed is actually loads better though. This is the part where you ask, will the relationship work? One on the full swing of stardom, not to mention the stalkers, and one who just wants to support the love of her life. As we all know, the life of a celebrity is pretty hard, will love be enough. I thoroughly enjoy the ending of this book. The part where Ryan made sacrifices and Taryn realized that she should too. It was just perfect. I seriously thought that it wouldn't end just yet but I am glad that it did end at least its not at all dragging the story.

So.. (drum roll please!) 5 stars for me! I loved reading it again and again! One of the first few Indies I enjoyed!

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Thoughtless Trilogy By S.C. Stephens

Among the Many stories that I have read on countless Romance books with happy endings, I always had a thing for those with tragic endings. Well, its not all tragic, they do get their happy endings but really the fun of the read is on the lies, deceptions and the broken hearts (ok so I'm weird!).For when you read things like love triangles and just a stupid female or male lead, you have the desire to react. And I guess for me, that is what makes it impossibly effective to readers, when they need to react to the story. Because if it were all happy endings and straight vanilla (if you know what I mean! lool) then it wouldn't compel you to read the whole damn book just to react on it! =)
 Thoughtless Trilogy By SC Stephens
Photo from S.C. Stephen's Author Website

The Thoughtless Trilogy by S.C. Stephens namely #1 Thoughtless #2 Effortless #3 Reckless is one of those books that leave a mark on the readers hearts both in a bad and good way maybe (good for me though!). I can still remember the first time I came across it on Goodreads. I wasn't expecting it to be the best of both worlds (laugh hard and cry hard) not to mention the characters of Kiera, Denny and Kellan. In book 1, the story revolves on the lead female Kiera thinking that she had everything including the world's perfect boyfriend Denny. But when Kellan came into the picture, the lies and the total love triangle came about. Readers label it as a Rollercoster ride with parts that will make you cry, angry, happy, "kilig", and sometimes want to kill that B**ch of a female! (see? you react!). Although I don't really agree with all the negative comments that the author received, I mean you can never judge what type of love triangle story a person has and besides, its fiction for crying out loud! But i do sympathize with what happened to Denny, I feel for him and again, I just want to slap kiera all over again! (see? react again!)

Book 2, Effortless,  is way better though for me. After all the lies and devastation, you meet a more mature Kiera. It's now the question not of who to love anymore but for how far and there comes the Trust issue. I was actually excited to read this bit of the story, not to mention the presence of the ever annoying D-bags (Name sucks really!) group and Griffin. Kellan here is just as I have imagined. He is sooo inlove with Kiera! The effort he brings to the table of their relationship is astounding really! No wonder so many readers just fall in love with him. I especially like the Notes bit when Kellan was away. I don't believe any man exists to do that effort here in reality anymore! I find this book a real redemption after book 1. Which makes it all the more effective to readers! wooot!

Book 3, Reckless, this book I have waited for quite some time! When it went viral, I actually became sad. I always thought that the story was about to end and it kind did. But what the hell? I didn't even put the damn book down when I read it! As they say all good things need to end. So this part of the story tells us how far the relationship of the whole cast goes. With the superstardom of the band along with the many complications of being in the limelight for Kellan, is Kiera that strong to let love and trust be the first an foremost reason they can never or should never give up on each other. Well, all the answers are here in the #3 installment! This one I can't put down so by far its my favorite! :)

So 4 out of 5 Stars for this book! Yehey! And talk about that Cover! Love Love Love!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Tuesday's with Morrie by Mitch Albom

Hooray to me! This is my First official Post!

So, for my first ever post, I would like to share my book reading experience about Tuesday's with Morrie by   the author Mitch Albom. This is the one of the first books that I really heard great reviews about. This heart warming story is one of the most popular international bestseller books in the market. As it's caption tells us, it is a story of an old man, a young man, and life's greatest lesson. Of course I am NOT going to spill the whole story, just my experience and thoughts while reading it.

I really love the way Mitch Albom writes his novels. This particular one is very personal because it was very inspiring to read. I came to realize and reflect of the people whom, in my childhood, has taught me the very things that Morrie taught Mitch in the story. I am telling you all now that you should have a box of tissue sitting next to you when you read this novel! (no kidding!) So, going back, at first I thought the book was going to be boring. You know those stories that are boring in the first part and when you keep on expecting for the exciting part, it doesn't really come? Well, I felt none of that with this book. It was actually like you were talking with Mitch and that were there when Morrie was making all the arrangements about his "Living Funeral". Yes! In this book, you will come to know what a "Living Funeral" is.

The Characters

Morrie Schwartz was the old professor of Mitch in the novel. He had ALS and because of the progress of the disease, it seemed that his days of life became shorter and shorter. But the idea for Morrie was to celebrate his life instead of grieving for its loss. And at that, he wanted to celebrate his remaining days with those closest to him, his friends, family, and well, his favorite student Mitch. It is with Morrie here that we realize the lessons that he wants to tell us and for Mitch, it was like going to class again with him. I vividly remember that it was Tuesday because they were "Tuesday people" and at that Morrie smiled.

Mitch on the other hand, was one of those students that are best remembered by their professors, especially the ones that he is close with--Morrie. He was also the student that promised to keep in contact after graduation but never did. He became the workaholic and ever busy career person. But when  he finally came back to his professor, I guess he had the wake up call. When he met his professor every once a week for their last class ever, he learned different lessons. This gave him the opportunity to realize many things about his life and what he should do about it.

All I can say is...

The book was an experience worth taking. What I thought was a boring story, turned out to be the book that made me cry. I loved how personal the book was. To experience life in a different light and to look at it in a different way. I remember Morrie telling that the most important thing in life is to give love. And when he said it, I believed him. I believed the story and that was why it sank in with me. It was truly a story of a professor's last lecture. No books were required. The lesson was the meaning of life. And as I turn the last page of the book, It felt that I was there and that I needed that story to tell me that I needed something to do with my life.

Have you read it? What did you think?